We have signed a cooperation contract with the Emergency Board of the department of the Interior of the Basque Government.

We are members of the International Rescue Dog Organisation, founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1993 in order to promote the work with Search and Rescue Dogs on an international level.

We are full members of the Bundesarbeitsgeminschaft Rettungshundef├╝hrender Vereinigungen e.v., BAG-RHV, founded in (Mannheim) Germany in 1994, with the purpose of unifying and coordinating the search and rescue dog work.

We are founding partners of the National Organisation of Search and Rescue Dogs, ANGPS, founded in 1997. Its purpose was to coordinate the work of Rescue Dog Groups from different Autonomous Communities according to common Rules and Standards. Today, not being members anymore, we maintain contacts with the ANGPS.

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