Imagen destacada P.H.IRO 2017
IRO Testing Event in Elorrio

Four teams from the GPSE and two teams from the A.N.G.P.S. participated in the IRO Area Search Test which took place in Elorrio (Bizkaia). (more…)

Destacada Formación Voluntarios
Course on the use of Rescue Dogs in Euskadi

Members of different groups of volunteers who take part in SOS-Deiak missions attended a course on the use of rescue dogs in Euskadi, given by the GPSE. (more…)

Hemendik Saria
“Hemendik Saria Durangaldea 2017” Award

The G.P.S.E. is one of the winners of the Hemendik Saria Durangaldea 2017 award in its 10th edition.

P.H.IRO ASTURIAS 2017 Destacada
IRO Testing Event in Asturias (España)

Four teams, two in area search and two in rubble search participated in the IRO Testing Event organised in Cangas de Onis (Asturias), by the ANGPS, National Association for Rescue Dog Groups.


ENPC09.2017 Destacada
Training Days on Collapsed Structures at the ENPC

At the week-end of September 16t and 17h, members of the GPSE participated in a working session at the training lands of the National School for Civil Defence at Rivas-VaciaMadrid. (more…)

Medallas Asturias 2017 - destacada
Medals of Asturias 2017

Members of the GPSE attend the medal ceremony Asturias 2017.


Imagen destacada Asturias
Working sesion in Asturias

Members of the GPSE travel to Asturias on the 13th and 14th in order to work with the colleagues of the Rescue Dog Group of the principality of Asturias.

Imagen destacada XXX Aniversario Asturias II
XXX Anniversary of the Helicopter accident at the Lakes of Covadonga

XXX Anniversary of the Helicopter accident at the Lakes of Covadonga. (more…)

Formación Nutrición Perros de Deporte
Course on “Nutrition in Sports Dogs”

On May 26 and 27 the members of the GPSE are trained in Nutrition in Sports Dogs by Edurne García.

TXO ENPC 05.2017
Working session on Collapsed Structures at the National School for Civil Protection ENPC

At the week-end May 21-22 members of the GPSE took part in a working session on collapsed structures at the National School for Civil Protection at Rivas-VaciaMadrid.  (more…)