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Whenever, wherever
you need us
we’ll be there

Our main goal is to train teams formed by a dog handler and a dog, whose purpose is to locate people who get lost in the mountain, trapped under rubble or buried in snow.



We are civilians, each of us with his/her own professional activity. As volunteers, we commit much of our spare time to this altruistic social and humanitarian task.


Several training sessions a week in common and the daily work carried out by each dog handler and dog are evaluated in a yearly mission-readiness test which guarantees that our teams have reached the level required internationally to take part in Rescue Missions.


Whenever necessary, we are ready for deployment, through SOS-Deiak 112 (Basque Governmental Emergency Service), 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


IRO homologation tests.

4 October, 2021

On October 2, 3 and 4, the international search and rescue dog trials (IRO) were held in La Rioja.

the tests were organized by ANGPS and evaluated by the international IRO judge D. Detlef Kühn (DE).

At these tests our group presented 4 pairs to standardize in large areas and rubble, obtaining great results all of them.

IRO Testing Event in Madrid (Spain)

13 October, 2019

Three teams of the G.P.S.Euskadi took part in the IRO Testing Event in Area Search which was organized by A.N.G.P.S in Madrid (Spain).


IRO World Championship in Villejust (Francia)

22 September, 2019

Two teams from the G.P.S.Euskadi participated in the IRO World Championship for Rescue Dogs  in Villejust, France.