The main goal of the Rescue Dog Group of the Basque Country (G.P.S.E.) is to train teams formed by a dog handler and a dog with the purpose of locating people who get lost in the mountain or victims trapped under rubble or buried in snow.

The G.P.S.E. is a legally constituted association, founded on February 3rd, 1983, when its constitution was approved and it was registered in the Register of Associations of the Spanish Ministry of the Interior.

  • The G.P.S.E. is headquartered in Elorrio, Vizcaya, Basque Country.
  • The G.P.S.E. is formed by civilians, each with his/her own professional activity, who as volunteers commit much of their spare time to this altruistic social and humanitarian task.
  • Our services must be required through SOS-Deiak 112 (Basque Governmental Emergency Service)
  • We are ready for deployment 24 hours a day all year round.

Basically, our services are required calling SOS-Deiak, whenever our presence is needed in the search and location of victims lost in mountainous areas, trapped under rubble, landslides or avalanches, etc. At the same time, the G.P.S.E. responds to the requirements of any Search and Rescue Association or Official Organism within the Kingdom of Spain, alerting through SOS-Deiak (112).

After all these years of work and having participated in a great number of Rescue Missions, we are convinced that our activity covers a very specific field within the Rescue Organisations.

Our goal is to reach a good technical preparation in order to be able to offer an ever-improving service to our society.

With this goal, we are committed to daily individual exercises and common training sessions several times a week. Each year we take part in a mission-readiness test in order to qualify for the level internationally required for Search and Rescue Missions.

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