IRO Testing Event in Madrid (Spain)

Three teams of the G.P.S.Euskadi took part in the IRO Testing Event in Area Search which was organized by A.N.G.P.S in Madrid (Spain).


Search in the Gorbea Mountain

Search for a 59 year-old mountaineer missing in the Gorbea Mountain.

Search in Eskoriatza (Gipuzkoa)

Search for an 87-year-old man missing in Eskoriatza, Gipuzkoa.

Search Alert in Monte Adarra (Gipuzkoa)

Search alert for a 40-year-old man missing since the previous day in the Adarra mountain.

Search in Berriz (Bizkaia)

Search of an 82-year-old man during the 5th and 6th August in Berriz, Bizkaia.


Search in Artxanda, Bilbao (Bizkaia)

Search for an 85-year-old man in the area of Artxanda in Bilbao during the days 27th, 28th and 29th June.

Search in Armentia, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Araba)

Search for a 22-year-old man in the forest of Armentia in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Araba).


Search Alert in Beasain (Gipuzkoa)

Search alert for a 69-year-old man from Olaberria, Beasain, Gipuzkoa.

Search Alert in Urkiola (Bizkaia)

Search alert for a 76-year-old man who went out for mushrooms and did not return home, in Urkiola, Bizkaia

Course on Communication and Talkie

The members of the G.P.S.Euskadi receive instruction on Communications, focusing on the Tetra System.