Emergency drill on Rubble Search

Emergency drill on search and rescue of victims buried under rubble in the quarry of Kobate, in the Garagartza quarters of Arrasate. (more…)

Search in Mondragón, Gipuzkoa

Search for a 57-year-old woman missing under the debris of a farmhouse which was destroyed by a propane gas explosion. This explosion caused two people’s death and one person was severely injured.

Curso Estructuras Colapsadas
Course on collapsed structures

On May 3rd and 4th we attended a training session on collapsed structures at the Zubillaga fire station. The course was given by Hipólito Poza and Enrique Uriarte.

Jornadas de Trabajo organizadas por los Bomberos de Lisboa
Training Session organised by the Lisbon Fire Brigade

From 26th to 29th September we attended a training session organised by the Lisbon Fire Brigade on their premises, establishing contacts and discussing different methods used in the training of rescue dog teams.