Dog training

Seminar on Canine Sport Obedience with Siv Svendsen

Five members of the GPSEuskadi attended the Seminar on “Canine sport obedience”, given by Siv Svendsen at the Nudacan installations in Lodosa (Navarra) on November 19 and 20. (more…)

Seminar given by Bart Bellon

Five members of the GPSE participated during the week-end September 22-23 in a seminar given by Bart Bellon in Sabadell (Barclona). (more…)

Course with Mr. Agremon from France

From September 30th to October 1st members of the G.P.S.E. attended the course given in Elorrio by this trainer in the dog sport domain and several times ring champion of France.

Course on Electric Dog Training Collars

Four members of the G.P.S.E. attended a course given by Carlos García (Educan) in Brunete, Madrid on December 21st and 22nd.

Course on Cognitive Training

A course on Cognitive Training took place with Carlos García Alfonso López (Educan) on October 19th and 20th.