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Exercises on obedience, dexterity and alert

On August 27, exercises on obedience, dexterity and alert were carried out in the San Agustin area of Elorrio, before a very interested audience.

Rodaje película Baztan
Dogs from the GPSE in the shooting of a film

Dogs from the G.P.S.E. Rescue Dog Group took part as actorsin the shooting of the film Baztan. (more…)

Larraitz Sorron Rentería
A member of the G.P.S.E. in the IV Canicross in Errenteria

Our group member Larraitz Sorron participated with Irati in the IV Canicross in Errenteria classifying as the first Guipuzcoan woman to cross the finishing line.


Gentzane Beitia
An ex-member of the G.P.S.E. participates in Pirena 2011

The ex-member of the G.P.S.E., Gentzane Beitia, participates in Pirena 2011. (more…)

Punto Encuentro de la CAN
CAN Meeting Point

CAN Meeting Point on June 20th, 2010.

Recording a programme about the G.P.S.E.

Students from the Faculty of Human and Educational Sciences at the University of Mondragon recorded a programme about the Basque Search and Rescue Dog Group.

25 Aniversario
Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Group

The 25th anniversary of the Basque Search and Rescue Group was celebrated.

Trabajo en pista Seguros Bilbao
Working day on exercise grounds

A working day was organised on the grounds of the Eskartza Claret ikastola in Leioa.

Logo Actividades
Obedience, dexterity and alert exercises

On September 12th, a series of obedience, dexterity and alert exercises were carried out, at the request of the Council of Elorrio.

Elgoibar 2008
Control, obedience, dexterity and search work

On September 6th we carried out control, obedience and dexterity exercises and search work in Elgoibar (Gipuzkoa).