P.H. IRO Wangen, Suiza 2009
IRO Testing Event in Wangen-an-der-Aare (Switzerland)

Four teams took part in the IRO Testing Event in Wangen-an-der-Aare (Switzerland).

Túneles de Kanpazar
Training sessions in the tunnels of the quarry of Kanpanzar

We had the opportunity to work during several days inside the tunnels that are being made in the mountain.

Luz Ardiden 2009
Training sessions with avalanche victims

During the week-end March 13th-15th we travelled to the village of Viscos, in the French Pyrenees with the aim of working and preparing the teams in avalanche rescue.

Recording a programme about the G.P.S.E.

Students from the Faculty of Human and Educational Sciences at the University of Mondragon recorded a programme about the Basque Search and Rescue Dog Group.

Ayuntamiento Zornotza
Emergency drills in the rubble produced by the demolition of the Town Hall in Zornotza

On December 7th, we carried out an emergency exercise among the rubble produced by the demolition of the Town Hall of Zornotza. Three victims previously hidden were found by G.P.S.E. teams. The demolition had been carried out by Construcciones Sukia.

P.H. BAG Winnenden, Alemania
BAG Mission-readiness Test in Winnenden (Germany)

Five teams participated in the Mission-readiness Test organised by the BAG in Winnenden (Germany) on October 24th and 25th.

25 Aniversario
Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Group

The 25th anniversary of the Basque Search and Rescue Group was celebrated.

Trabajo en pista Seguros Bilbao
Working day on exercise grounds

A working day was organised on the grounds of the Eskartza Claret ikastola in Leioa.

Logo Actividades
Obedience, dexterity and alert exercises

On September 12th, a series of obedience, dexterity and alert exercises were carried out, at the request of the Council of Elorrio.

Elgoibar 2008
Control, obedience, dexterity and search work

On September 6th we carried out control, obedience and dexterity exercises and search work in Elgoibar (Gipuzkoa).