Aralar Eguna 2008
Exhibition of different exercises during the “Shepherd’s Day”

During the celebration of the “Shepherd’s Day” in Larraitz (Gipuzkoa) on May 1st we displayed different exercises in order to make our work known.

Inauguración Nueva Sede Social
Inauguration of New Headquarters

Inauguration of our new headquarters in Elorrio.

IRO World Championship

One team from the G.P.S.E. participated in the IRO Rescue Dog Championship which took place in Eisenstadt (Austria) from June 28th to July 1st.

XX Anniversary of the Helicopter Accident at the Lakes of Covadonga

XX Anniversary of the Helicopter Accident at the Lakes of Covadonga.

Rentería 2007
Meeting on Emergencies and Civil Defence in Renteria

On April 30th, members of the G.P.S.E. presented a communication and an exhibition with dogs in Renteria.

International Rescue Dog Organisation
XI International Rescue Dog Symposium

Two members of the Group attended the Symposium in Salzburg from 26th to 29th April.

P.H.Darmstadt 2007
IRO Testing Event in Darmstadt (Germany)

Two teams from the G.P.S.E. participated in the Testing Event according to IRO Standards which took place from 6th to 9th April in Darmstadt (Germany). For the first time, a G.P.S.E. team qualified for the IRO Rescue Dog World Championship.

Javier Corchero
Orienteering Course

On February 10th Javier Corchero gave us a training course on orienteering. The aim of this course was to maintain knowledge acquired formerly as to cartographic systems and the use of compass and map.

Karlos Garitaonandia
III Technical Session for Civil Defence Volunteers

This session took place in Colindres (Cantabria) on January 20th. Karlos Garitaonandia presented the communication “The rescue dog in the search of missing persons”.

Course with Mr. Agremon from France

From September 30th to October 1st members of the G.P.S.E. attended the course given in Elorrio by this trainer in the dog sport domain and several times ring champion of France.