Search in Lopidana, Araba

Explosion in a petrol station in the village of Lopidana, Araba. One person got trapped under the rubble.

Search Alert in Orduña, Bizkaia

Search for a person who had suffered an accident.

Search Alert in Muxika, Bizkaia

Search of an 86-year-old woman.

Search Alert in the Valley of Ayala, Araba

Search for a missing person in the valley of Ayala.

Search Alert in Maruri, Bizkaia

Search for a missing person in the area of Maruri, Lemoniz.

Search Alert in Peñacerrada, Araba

Search for an 89-year-old man missing in Peñacerrada on the slopes of the Toloño Mountain.

Search Alert in Apodaka, Araba

Search for a 52-year-old man missing in the area between Hueto Arriba and Apodaka.

Search Alert in Udala, Arrasate, Gipuzkoa

Search for a 33-year-old man in the Udala area.

Search Alert in Aritzulegi, Gipuzkoa

Search for two 6-year-old children missing in the area of Aritzulegi.

Search Alert in Forua, Bizkaia

Search for a 38-year-old man, missing in the area of the quarries in Gernika.