Lizarrusti 2013 (3)
Orientation Training Course in Lizarrusti, Gipuzkoa

During the week-end 6 to 7 July we participated in a course on cartography and orientation taught by  Karlos Laita  in Lizarrusti, Aralar Mountainrange. (more…)

Search Alert in Saldropo, Bizkaia

Search alert for a 41-year-old man missing since the previous morning when he had gone for a walk towards the Gorbea mountain.

Search in Atxarte, Abadiño, Bizkaia.

Search for a 53-year-old man who disappeared after a walk in the mountain in the area of Atxarte, Abadiño.

Gentzane Beitia
An ex-member of the G.P.S.E. participates in Pirena 2011

The ex-member of the G.P.S.E., Gentzane Beitia, participates in Pirena 2011. (more…)

Luz Ardiden 2009
Training sessions with avalanche victims

During the week-end March 13th-15th we travelled to the village of Viscos, in the French Pyrenees with the aim of working and preparing the teams in avalanche rescue.

Luz Ardiden 2005
Search work in snow in Luz Ardiden, France.

On April 22nd to 24th we travelled to Luz Ardiden in France in order to practise search work in snow.

Lizara 2005
Course on High Mountain Safety

During the week-end of April 16th and 17th we attended the course on High Mountain Safety organised by the Escuela Guipuzcoana de Alta Montaña in Lizara (Huesca).

Gavarnie 2001
Training Session in snow in Gavarnie, France

On February 23rd and 24th search work was done in the snow in Gavarnie (French Pyrenees).

Vitoria 1999
Rescue Session organised by the Basque Mountain Federation

The Rescue Session was organised by the Basque Mountain Federation. On October 23rd, two of our teams carried out an exhibition on area search in the village of Egino, Araba.

First Technical Session on Danger in Mountains and Manoeuvres for Rescue Groups

The First Technical Session on Danger in Mountains and Manoeuvres for Rescue Groups took place in Andorra.