Beriain,NA 18.05.2002
II Working Session on Simulation in Search and Rescue, Navarre

The G.P.S.E. participated with 4 teams in the II Working Session on Simulation in Search and Rescue organised on May 18th by the Rescue Dog Group of Navarre on the rubble tip of Beriain. In all, 9 Rescue Groups took part.

Emergency drill in Deusto

Emergency exercises in rubble in Deusto on January 22nd. The rubble was originated by the demolition of the CAMPSA petrol station, situated on the bridge of Deusto.

Search Alert in Getxo-Leioa, Bizkaia

Search for victims trapped under the rubble of a bridge in construction in the Uribe-Costa corridor in Getxo-Leioa.

Emergency Drills in Rubble for International Teams in Switzerland

An emergency exercise for international teams was organised in Andelfingen, Switzerland. The G.P.S.E. participated with five teams.