Search in Sodupe, Bizkaia

Search for a 65-year-old woman.

Search in Alonsotegi, Bizkaia

Search in Urkiola, Bizkaia

Search in Mugarra, Bizkaia

Search in Villamediana, Logroño

Search for a 70-year-old woman.

Emergency drill in the abandoned village of Tiermas

Emergency drill in the abandoned village of Tiermas, situated on the Yesa water reservoir

Search in Armentia, Araba

Search for an 84-year-old woman in the surroundings of Armentia.

Search in the Vitoria Mountain Pass, Araba

Search for a person, who according to an anonymous phone call, had hanged himself.

Search in Arrigorriaga, Bizkaia

Search for a missing 41-year-old man.

Search in Aretxabaleta, Gipuzkoa

Search for a missing 86-year-old woman.