Voluntarios I 2016
Course on the use of rescue dogs in Euskadi

Members of the different groups of volunteers who take part in the SOS-Deiak missions attended the “Course on the use of rescue dogs in Euskadi” given by the GPSE. (more…)

Solidarity Award “Antonio Menchaca Foundation”

The GPSE is one of the winners in the XVII Edition of the “Solidarity Award” granted by the Antonio Menchaca Foundation. (more…)

Formacion Voluntarios II 2015
Course on the use of Rescue Dogs in the Basque Country

Members of the different associations of volunteers who take part in SOS-Deiak missions attended a course on “The use of Rescue Dogs in Euskadi”, given by the GPSE.

Amatxu Saria 2014
Amatxu Saria Prize 2014

The Town Council of Mungia presented the Amatxu Saria prize 2014 to all the volunteers, among them the GPSE, who participated in the search of Simon Arranz, resident of Mungia. (more…)

Homenaje GPSE 25 Aniversario
Homage in Elorrio

The Basque Rescue Dog Group received homage from the Elorrio Town Council on the occasion of the anniversary of the accident in Asturias. (more…)

Search Alert in Nograro (Valdegovia) Araba

Search alert for a 77-year-old man who disappeared from his home in thevillageofNograro, belonging to themunicipalityofValdegovíain theprovinceofAlava.

Search Alert in Amurrio (Artomaña) Araba

Alert for search of an 80-year-old man missing in the council of Artomaña, which belongs to the municipality of Amurrio, Araba.

Search in Amurrio (Delika), Araba

Search in the council of Delika, part of the municipality of Amurrio, for an 83-year-old man missing after a mountain walk with his dogs.

Search Alert in Errenteria, Gipuzkoa

Search alert for a 83-year-old missing woman from Errenteria.

Día Internacional del 112
European 112 day

Members of the Basque Rescue Dog Group attended the celebration of the European 112 day organized by the Basque Government’s Emergency Board in Trintxerpe, Gipuzkoa. (more…)