Emergency Drills

Grupo del Perro de Salvamento de Navarra Actividades
I Working Session on Simulation in Search and Rescue, Navarre

Emergency exercise in area search organised by the Rescue Dog Group of Navarre, in the Urbasa mountain range on June 16th – 18th. Two teams from the G.P.S.E. took part.

Simulacro Mungia
Area Search Emergency Drill in Mungia

Area search emergency drill in Mungia on January 21st. The Mungia civil defence organised the exercise consisting of the search of a 62-year-old man missing in the Jata mountain.

Formigal 1999
Emergency exercise in avalanches in the Formigal skiing resort

The G.P.S.E. participated with one team in the avalanche exercise in Formigal (skiing resort in the Pyrenees) on December 13th.

Technical training session in Pajares

Technical training session in Pajares organised by the ANGPS through the Rescue Dog Group of Asturias.

GAVARNIE 03.1998
Training session in snow in Gavarnie, France

On March 7th and 8th, we practised search work in snow in the French village of Gavarnie.

Emergency Drills in Rubble for International Teams in Switzerland

An emergency exercise for international teams was organised in Andelfingen, Switzerland. The G.P.S.E. participated with five teams.

Pierrefitte, Francia 1996
Training session in snow en Pierrefitte in France

On April 20th and 21st we carried out search training in snow together with the Rescue Dog Group of the French Gendarmerie in Pierrefitte, France.