Simulacro Kobate 26.05.2012
Emergency drill on Rubble Search

Emergency drill on search and rescue of victims buried under rubble in the quarry of Kobate, in the Garagartza quarters of Arrasate. (more…)

VI Conference on Risks and Emergency Management

We participated with a demonstration and a communication about our work with dogs in the VI Conference on Risks and Emergency Management.


IRO Testing Event in A Estrada, Galicia (Spain)

Three teams participated in the IRO Testing Event, one of them in Area Search and two in Rubble Search. This event was organised in A Estrada (Galicia) by the ANGPS, National Association of Rescue Dog Teams. (more…)

Curso IRO 2012
IRO Course on collapsed structures for group trainers

On March 23, 24 and 25 two members of the GPSE took part in the IRO course (level II) on collapsed structures for trainers within the ANGPS .


Día Internacional del 112
European 112 day

Members of the Basque Rescue Dog Group attended the celebration of the European 112 day organized by the Basque Government’s Emergency Board in Trintxerpe, Gipuzkoa. (more…)

ANGPS Madrid (6)
Technical session on work in rubble

A technical session on how to work in collapsed structure was organised by the ANGPS for persons in charge of training in Rescue Dog Groups. (more…)

IRO Testing Event in Elorrio

Four teams took part in the IRO Testing Event organised in Elorrio (Bizkaia), three of them in area search and one in rubble search. (more…)

Puerto de Pasajes 2011
Working days with the Rescue Dog Group of the Canary Islands

 Our colleagues from the Rescue Dog Group of the Canary Islands spent an intense working week-end with us. We worked on rubble search as well as area search. It turned out very fructiferous week-end with Samuel, Wladis, Jose Luis and their four-legged partners. In addition to working, we also enjoyed ourselves. (more…)

Puerto de pasajes 2011
The Regional Vice-Minister of the Interior of the Basque Government in a G.P.S.E. Training Session

The Regional vice-Minister of the Interior of the Basque Government, Mr. Raul Fernandez de Arroiabe attended a G.P.S.E. trainig session on the demolition grounds in the Port of Pasajes. (more…)

Puerto de Pasajes 2011
Exercises in the rubble of the demolition in the port of Pasajes

During the month of September we started training in the rubble originated by the demolition in the port of Pasajes. We are currently training in the rubble of the building which used to be the fish market. This autumn we aim at working dexterity and techniques thoroughly in this environment. (more…)