Formacion Voluntarios I 2015
Course on the use of rescue dogs in Euskadi

Members of the Red Cross who take part in SOS-Deiak missions attended a course on “The use of Rescue Dogs in Euskadi”, given by the GPSE. (more…)

P.C.Mungia 14.03.2015
Instruction on the use of rescue dogs with Civil Defense of Mungia

Members of Civil Defense Mungia participated in a training day on the use of rescue dogs. The instruction was given by members of the GPSE. (more…)

Primeros Auxilios 1
First Aid Course

The members of the GPSE took part in a retraining course on First Aid given by Members of the Red Cross Goierri at their premises in Beasain. (more…)

Curso GPS Urbasa (3)
Course on orienteering in Urbasa, Navarra.

During the week-end June 28 and 29 we took part in a course on orienteering  given by  Karlos Laita, in Urbasa, Navarra. (more…)

Formación Voluntario 31.05.2014
Course on the use of rescue dogs in Euskadi

Members of the different groups of volunteers who are part of the SOS-Deiak operational forces attend the “Course on use of rescue dogs in Euskadi” given by the GPSE. (more…)

Sokks-Elorrio 2014 (18)
Seminar on “Sokks” with Reginaldo Aranda

Seminar on “Sokks” on February 21, 22 and 23 in Elorrio (Bizkaia) with Reginaldo Aranda, NGO K-9 Creixell, Brazil. (more…)

Seminario Cadáveres
Seminar on Cadaver Dogs

On September 20th, 21st and 22nd four members of the G.P.S.R participated in the I International Seminar on search for and rescue of dead bodies, which took place in San Mateo de Gállego (Zaragoza). (more…)

Lizarrusti 2013 (3)
Orientation Training Course in Lizarrusti, Gipuzkoa

During the week-end 6 to 7 July we participated in a course on cartography and orientation taught by  Karlos Laita  in Lizarrusti, Aralar Mountainrange. (more…)

ENPC 2013 (10)
Training in rubble at the ENPC

At the week-end June 7 to 9 the GPSE participated at Rivas-Vacia Madrid at the National School for Civil Defense in two days of intense work on these premises especially designed for search in collapsed structures. (more…)

Curso IRO 2013
IRO Course on collapsed structures at the National School of Civil Defence

On March 1, 2 and 3, four members of the GPSE took part in the  IRO course on collapsed structures (level III).  This course was organised by the ANGPS and the instruction was given by the IRO judge and instructor Digna Schoonenboom.  (more…)